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For The Collectors of KLH Knives

Over the years the Makers Mark that I've used to identify myself and my knives has changed slightly. This is an attempt to give you a key for establishing an approximate time and place for when your knife was made. The earliest knives to carry the KLH mark were made in 1977.

1977 - 1980:  KLH
With each letter being individually hand stamped.

1981 :  KLH
I started to use a small pantograph engraving machine with a motorized cutter to deeply cut the initials into the steel. I used this mark while living in Kansas City, MO. from 1981 - 1983 and while living in
Mt. Prospect, Ill. from 1983 to 1985.

October 1985 - June 1988
In October I moved to Lisle, Ill. and changed my mark a little more and used three variations while living there. The logos were both either deeply cut or diamond point engraved. I started diamond point engraving of my mark when I started making frame lock folding knives.

small logo
This logo was used on fewer than 12 knives that didn't have a big enough place for the larger new logo, including several of my earliest folding knives.

logo variation
I tried this logo on 5 or 6 knives and dropped it because it was too big for most knives. It became known as "The Billboard Logo" after my wife said that's what it reminded her of.

final choice
This became my standard mark.

July 1988 to July 2004
In July of 1988 I moved to Orlando, FL. and changed my mark to reflect the move to a new state. I retained my standard mark but added the outline shape of the state of Florida to the back of my blades.
This mark may be either deeply cut or diamond point engraved on the steel. In some instances because I'm making more small Damascus steel bladed folding knives and it's hard to see the logo against the steel's pattern I have reverted to my oldest logo when space or materials requires it. In those cases just the  KLH  is engraved on either the inside or outside of the handle's butt spacer.

front side     back side

July 2004 to Present
In July of 2004 I moved to Savannah Georgia and in keeping with my standard practice I changed my mark to reflect my new location. I retained my standard mark of many years, but changed the state outline to that of Georgia. This mark may be either deeply cut or diamond point engraved on the blade. In some instances because I'm making more small Damascus steel folding knives where the patterns in the steel makes it hard to see a logo I'm marking them on the inside of the handle on the butt spacer at the back of the knife with KLH - GA.

front side    back side

July 2004 to PresentóSpecial Situation Mark

When Iím grinding blades for a heat treat batch itís not uncommon to have several blades that are not presold as orders that Iím making on speculation for sale at shows. Often Iím too busy with orders to get these blades finished, sometimes for years and they just go into a box for some future date. Since I deeply cut my logo into the tang on most of my blades with a high speed carbide milling bit before heat treating I have blades that were stared and marked in Florida where I lived for 16 years. I still have a couple dozen of these blades and I didnít want to throw them out, so Iíve had to figure out a new way to mark them to represent their dual citizenship so to speak. So what Iím doing is adding my Georgia State outline mark to the existing Florida mark or if there isnít enough space on the tang for the state outline I engrave GA to represent Georgia. I call this my ďFlorGaĒ Mark. Knives marked this way will be rare and show up from time to time whenever I get a chance to pull one of these blades out of the box and finish it up for sale.

front sideback sideback side


or GA