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The American Eagle: On the front you have the boldly stylized Eagle’s head, flip it over and you’ll see that I’ve sculpted the pocket clip into the Eagle’s wing to complete this iconic American design. The 3” satin finished ATS-34 blade is opened via a thumb stud with an action that is silky smooth because the blade rides on a stainless steel pivot and two Teflon wafer bushings.  The handle, frame, back bar and pocket clip are all crafted from titanium for the utmost in strength and durability. The exterior titanium handle can be finished in either a sandblasted or satin finish. The titanium frame and lock and file worked back bar are anodized in a range of brilliant colors, but the best sellers are what I call “the buy me blues” or my dramatic Galaxy pattern. You can have one for yourself and have the best dressed pocket in town for $450.

The American Eagle

Brushed Satin Finish on Handle

This one is available for immediate delivery with "Alabama Damascus" carbon steel blade - $500.

Sandblasted Finish on Handle